Known Features

Monzambano is lying in the morainic hills and is crowning lake Garda and lapt by river Mincio and has the same climate conditions and vegetation of the lake. The landscape is evocative…


Known Features

This village’s name holds two elements in itself: the castle (Castellaro) and the lake (Lagusello). Castellaro Lagusello village has been awarded many certifications among which …

Olfino Pille

Known Features

In the outlying Hamlet Olfino, you can visit the Holy Trinity Church, a Romanesque church governated once by a monastic order Olivetans. Inside, it’s rich of numerous 16th century frescoes…

Pista ciclabile


Bike lovers will find the way to satisfy their passion along the cycle path between Peschiera-Mantova. The route is about 43 km, skirts the banks of river Mincio and crosses the territory…

Prodotti Tipici

Typical Products

The economy of Monzambano is still based primarily on the agricultural activity, that now is modernized and appropriated to the new technology of cultivation and production of wine, milk…

Informazioni utili


Here you will find useful information for your stay in Monzambano: where to buy the excellent fresh pasta, fruits and vegetables in season, where to drink with friends…

Monzambano card

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La Monzambano Card non è cumulativa con altre offerte e lo sconto è libero da struttura a struttura,
è un gesto di accoglienza per tutti gli ospiti di Monzambano.
Per essere valida ricordati di farla timbrare dalla struttura.

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