Castellaro Lagusello

The name of this enchanting hamlet includes two elements: the castle (“Castellaro”) and the lake (“Lagusello”). It has been awarded many certifications, such as “Borghi più belli d’Italia” (designation obtained only by the most beautiful villages in the country) and “Bandiera Arancione” (a Touring Club special prize). Its prehistoric pile-dwelling site has also been included in the Unesco Heritage.

The historical center of this little village is still surrounded by embattled walls interrupted by towers. The parish church, renovated in XVII (on a pre – existing Romanesque church) dedicated to San Nicola di Bari (the patron saint of Castellaro), preserves an interesting painting portraying this saint and a fine and precious wooden Virgin Mary statue, dating back to the XV century.

The bell tower displays an important photographic collection concerning the Natural Reserve surrounding the hamlet and is home to contemporary art exhibitions.

The elegant Villa-Arrighi Tacoli – built on the ancient fortress of the Republic of Venice – overlooks the little square adjoining the renowned heart-shaped lake (the “Lagusello”).
Napoleon I, Napoleon II and Napoleon III stayed at the Villa, as well as general Mac Mahon did, after fighting in the awful battle of Solferino, on 24th June 1859.
Castellaro Lagusello is also famous for its Ennio Guerra society of tamburello (a typical italian sport), the oldest in Italy: it was founded in 1946.