The parish church of St.Nicola di Bari was rebuilt in the present form in the years between 1741 and 1743. It has a two orders façade divided by four pilasters, Tuscan at the top and Ionic at the bottom, crowned by frames supporting the pediment. Inside there is a single nave whose perimeter is marked by Tuscan pilasters supporting the cornice, from which the barrel vault starts.
Along the nave we find four chapels divided by the pulpit on the left, their baroque forms recall the choir above the front door, where the organ is. On the right we can see the painting of the Presentation of Mary in the temple by Agostino Ugolini like the Stations of the Cross all around.
Entering from the left, close to the 16th century baptismal font, we can see the Altar of Our Lady of the Belt, with the 18th century painting by the Cignaroli workshop. The second chapel, of the Holy Heart, is a 1714 polychrome marble structure, the marble inlaying flower decorations of the altar frontal are more ancient. The flowers frame the niche with the statue of baby Jesus as the King of the Universe.
The High Altar is set in the presbytery, introduced by a marble balustrade. It is finely decorated with marble inlaying with a central bas-relief of St. Nicola di Bari. In the background the apse altarpiece depicting the Madonna with Child and the Saints by Odoardo Perini, active in the first half of the eighteenth century.
The second chapel on the right, is the Chapel of St. Joseph with a painting of Our Lady of Carmel and the last one is the Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary, crowned by the seventeenth century paintings of the Mysteries framing a very fine fifteenth-century wooden sculpture of the Madonna with Child, painted and gilded.